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IT Solutions

IT Services

In today’s Quickly envolving, Competitive markets, Every decision is only as good as the intelligence used to make it better Industry.We are investing in IT technology so, we are handling Managable secure IT data Using Virtualization Concept.To make a Reliable and Convinient IT structure we are ready to Make it simple as well as Cost-effective.
To presenting Our insights we are Shukla Information Solutions offers a host of IT solutions for small to large businesses including Collaborations, IT Support, Cloud Services, Enterprise Networks, Information Security , Managed Services, Network Designs.

To Present Our It Services We Are Providing

We have skilled IT team to construct your network as per organization requirements with state of art security appliances such as Cisco, Juniper & Sonicwall. High-performance Data Servers, Virtualization based Network structure. According to IT industries, we have IT checklist for Network design.

Managed IT Support

Servers, Workstations, Enterprise VPN

Hosted Servers

Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers

Disaster Recovery

Remote Backup, CDP, Multi-site dump


Digital/VOIP Phone system

Cloud Solutions

Application management – Model, Securely deploy and manage your Applications across your Clouds. Gain actionable security intelligence and visibility into malicious activities in real time. Provide the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go. Construct a secure network connection and seamlessly extend it to public clouds.

Cloud Advantages :

Move to the cloud and never worry about data backup, security or server upgrades or maintenance again..0

Why Our Cloud Is Different (your Data, Our Responsibility) :

Unlike other IT services that co-mingle your data with data from other business, our Cloud keeps your data private. Concerned about performance or upgrades? Since you’re on your own database, your system performance will never be affected by another organization upgrades or large search queries.
You can also schedule upgrades when they’re convenient for you.

Our Managed IT Plan Includes




Backup &


Shukla Information Solutions has been in the IT Industry since its establishment in 2015. We offer IT Services, Medical Billing, Web Development Solutions, and Web Designing.

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