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Medical Billing

Medical Billing Service

Our Medical billing services are supported by the Shukla Information Solutions Team’s expertise and powerful medclarity technology.
We optimize client’s revenue cycle and take on theirs valuable time to ensure that their medical practice is running at maximum efficiency. Our motto is to give you complete solution and manage the entire billing process. Our client satisfaction is our aim to work with medical industry.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue cycle management service are supported by the industry medical platform. We bring complete transparency to your revenue cycle with our business analytics and help transform your complex financial data into actionable information.

Credentialing/Re-Credentialing Services

We make sure your provider’s record is up to date with all insurance companies and credentialed with every insurance companies

Patient Registration And Verification

We enter the patient demographic information and verify its accuracy in our dedicated team.

Eligibility And Benefits Verification

We check the benefits and eligibility of the patients before the provider renders service and records it in the Practice Management System.


Coding for diagnosis, services rendered, and appropriate modifiers are verified and set by the certified coder team.

Charge Posting

Charge information is entered into the system for medical billing claim generation after a thorough reconciliation from both the provider’s office and Infotech Houston Solutions.

Claims Submission

E-claims and paper claims are generated and sent out to payers via a medical billing clearinghouse. Claim receipt acknowledgments are checked and unsent claims are re-filed. Payer responses are checked and processed via the Account Receivable team.

Payment Posting

ERAs and EOBs are processed and payments are posted into the system by manually and electronically.

Denial Management

Claims denied on EOBs are corrected and re-filed or appropriately appealed and tracked in a system that should be not repeated in the future.


Monthly billing summaries with collections, billable, and outstanding AR’s will be provided.Client-specific reports are also submitted monthly and/or yearly. You can generate different reports at any time to see what has been completed & instantly provide a comprehensive picture of your data – all at your fingertips.

Provider Portals Up To The Date

We will take care of provider portals like CAQH, PECOS, Medicaid revalidation & NPPES. Our dedicated provider credentialing and enrollment team will make sure the provider portals are up to date as per insurances and HIPAA guidelines to avoid uninterrupted revenue services.

Clearing House Or Statement Mailing

This is included in our services. If you do not require all of the above services we also provide many options for shared services between your practice and Infotech Houston Solutions.

Patient Phone Call Management

Provide a toll-free # to your practice and manage all patient phone calls related to the bill, co-pay or deductible amount.

Monthly Meeting With Our Providers/Staffs

Communication and coordination are the key part to successfully run your business. We are flexible with meetings as per providers/staffs


Our medical billing Team is knowledgeable and well experienced to work with US clients. The people are associated with our company is result oriented and more focused on our client needs regarding claim and expectation. Accuracy (collecting information over the phone from insurance) 100%. Aggressive in terms of work and should be a good team player with good intellect to lead the team in our medical industry. Calling US – Insurance companies and collecting information on the claim and give a closure to it. Either by sending fax out with medical records or by sending it back for reprocessing.
Shukla Information Solutions has been in the IT Industry since its establishment in 2015. We offer IT Services, Medical Billing, Web Development Solutions, and Web Designing.

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